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The Rocket Science Institute continually publishes new educational books of interest to the "amateur" experimental rocket scientist.  Listed here are several books now on our editor's desk, to be published soon.  Since these books are printed in limited quantities, we suggest you order early to be assured of a copy.  Pre-publication prices are offered for several titles.

Sales of our rocket science books help fund the Rocket Science Institute, Inc.  The Institute is a non-profit scientific and educational foundation in support of "amateur" experimental rocket science, engineering, and technology.


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The 260: The Largest Solid Rocket Motor Ever Tested. P. Crimmins, M. Consineau, C. Rogers and V. Shell, Aerojet-General 1999

Development of a 1,500,000-Lb-Thrust Liquid Hydrogen/Liquid Oxygen Engine.  Aerojet-General Liquid Rocket Operations 1967.

Investigation of Liquid Rocket Propellants.  Aerojet-General 1957.

The M-1 Rocket Engine Project.  Walter F. Dankhoff, NASA Lewis Research Center 1963.

Study of Mechanical Properties of Solid Rocket Propellant.  James H. Wiegand, Aerojet-General 1961.

Launch Vehicle, Payload, and Ground Support Equipment Design and Test Requirements (USAF Cape Canaveral and Vandenberg Safety Manual).  Range Safety Office, Patrick AFB 1999.

Aerojet Engineering and Aerojet-General History Documents Set.

Development of the Corporal: The Embryo of the Army Missile Program.  California Institute of Technology 1961.

The Boy Chemist. A. Frederick Collins 1924.

Rocket Thesaurus.  Convair-Astronautics 1958.

Atmospheric Nuclear Weapons Testing 1951-1963: Nevada Test Site.  US Department of Energy 2006.

The Manhattan Project: Making the Atomic BombUS Department of Energy 1999.

Origins of the Nevada Test SiteUS Department of Energy 2000.

Dunes and Dreams: A History of White Sands National Monument.  National Park Service 1995.

DuPont Black and Smokeless Powders for Rifles, Shotguns, Pistols and Revolvers.  E I DuPont de Nemours & Co Inc.

DuPont Red Cross Low Freezing DynamiteE I DuPont de Nemours & Co Inc.

DuPont GunpowdersE I DuPont de Nemours & Co Inc 1891.

Explosives In Agriculture. Institute of Makers of Explosives 1931.

Farming With Dynamite. Keystone National Powder Co.

Giant Powder Company Catalog.  Bandmann, Nielson & Co.

From Rockets to Spacecraft: Making JPL a Place for Interplanetary Science.  Erik M Conway 2007.

Ejection Seat Tests Conducted on the 10,000-foot Track at Edwards Air Force Base.  C K Hodell, A H Rosner, USAF Aircraft Laboratory, Wright Air Development Center 1957.

Tests on Thrust Augmentors for Jet Propulsion.  Eastman N Jacobs, James M Shoemaker, Langley Memorial Aeronautical Laboratory, NACA.

Manned Lunar-Landing Through Use of Lunar-Orbit Rendezvous.  NASA Langley Research Center 1961.

Remembering the Space Age.  Steven J Dick, NASA 2008.

NASA Sounding Rockets 1958-1968:  A Historical Summary.  William R. Corliss, NASA History Office, Goddard Space Flight Center.

Wardrobe For Space.  NASA.

NASA White Sands Test Facility Visitors Guide

X-15: Extending the Frontiers of Flight.  NASA.

Propellant for the NASA Standard Initiator.  Carl Hohmann, Bill Tipton, Jr., Maureen Dutton. NASA Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center 2000.

A Summary of NASA and USAF Hypergolic Propellant Related Spills and Fires.  B. M. Nufer, NASA Kennedy Space Center

Cast Perchlorate Propellants Based On Thermosetting High Polymers. Explosives Research Laboratory 1945.

Flight Test of the Aerojet 7KS-6000 T-27 JATO Rocket Motor.  Bond, Aleck C.; Thibodaux, Joseph G., Jr., NACA 1949.


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The Rocket Science Institute is a non-profit scientific and educational foundation in support of "amateur" experimental rocket science, engineering, and technology.

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Your first resource for unusual, hard-to-find, out-of-print, and historic Goddard, NASA, JPL, GALCIT, USAF, NACA, military, industrial, educational, and "how-to" books, documents, and patents about aerospace, astronauts, and astronautics; the space shuttle, satellites, spacecraft; rocketry propulsion systems; liquid fuel and solid propellant engines; and missile testing.  Plus unique reference books on chemistry, engineering, and safety with rocket fuels, oxidizers, and propellants; igniters, pyrotechnics, pyro devices, fireworks, and explosives; rocket and pulsejet-propelled model airplanes with DynaJets and Jetex.