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Updated & New Books Listed:  17 Feb 2013

Solid Rocket Motor Igniters.  Aerojet-General, Thiokol, Hercules, Rocketdyne, United Technology, and NASA Lewis Research Center.  The official NASA igniter design guide, full of once highly-secret formulations, scientific data, rocketry information, and military missile lore, providing data on all types of rocket and missile igniter systems.  This is the most complete and comprehensive book ever written about the theoretical and practical engineering design of igniters and ignition systems for solid propellant rocket engines.  Covers every topic related to solid rocket motor ignition, with accurate information for the professional (and “amateur”) rocket scientist, engineer, technician, and experimenter, with detailed chemical formulations and characteristics, for black powder, pistol powder, boron/potassium nitrate (B-KNO3), Alclo, Mg/Teflon, double-base smokeless, and composite (ammonium perchlorate) pyrotechnic and propellant formulations.  The book discusses compositions used in Polaris, Phoenix, Sidewinder, and many other rockets and missiles.  114 pages, ISBN 1-878628-18-6.  $22.95.  

Solid Rocket Motor Metal Cases.  McDonnell Douglas, Aerojet-General, Rockwell International, General Dynamics, Grumman Aerospace, The Boeing Company, Lockheed-Georgia, and NASA Langley.  An exceptional handbook for designing solid rocket motors.  All essential algebraic formulae and equations are included, working with a wide variety of common and complex closure and mounting lug (attachment) geometries and motor designs--from cylindrical to spherical.   106 pages, ISBN 1-878628-19-4.  $19.95.  

Solid Rocket Motor Internal Insulation.  Hercules, Aerojet-General, JPL, and NASA Lewis Research Center.  Perhaps most complete and comprehensive book ever written about the theoretical and practical engineering design of solid rocket motor insulation and insulators.  Based upon the extensive design experience accumulated in the development of internal insulation for many kinds of rocket motors.  Flow charts show schematics of interrelated procedures in design of an insulator.  Discusses many kinds of binders and fillers, for use with dozens of propellant types.  Shows the design of test motors for screening and evaluating candidate insulation materials.  Includes all the mathematics, formulae, and equations necessary for the design process.   125 pages, ISBN 1-878628-NEW.  $24.95. 

Captive-Fired Testing of Solid Rocket Motors.  McDonnell Douglas, Aerojet-General, Rockwell International, General Dynamics, Grumman Aerospace, The Boeing Company, Lockheed-Georgia, and NASA Langley.  State-of-the-art information and the recommended practices for accurate, reproducible test procedures for motors of all sizes.  Included are static test stand design criteria, and explanations of how to correctly evaluate solid propellant and motor performance.  104 pages, ISBN 1-878628-23-2.  $19.95. 

Solid Rocket Motor Performance Analysis and Prediction.  McDonnell Douglas, Aerojet-General, Rockwell International, General Dynamics, Grumman Aerospace, The Boeing Company, Lockheed-Georgia, and NASA Langley.  This ultimate textbook tells exactly how to evaluate rocket motor static tests to determine the best grain geometries, motor configurations, and propellants for a design of any size.  The best, most complete and comprehensive volume of its kind anywhere.  With these instructions you can make detailed analyses that will predict full-scale motor performance, by using theoretical performance criteria (from chemical-thermodynamic information), and the demonstrated performance data obtained from subscale motor tests, or from previous firings on full-scale motors of similar design.  106 pages, ISBN 1-878628-22-4.  $19.95. 

Solid Rocket Motor Thrust Vector Control.  McDonnell Douglas, Aerojet-General, Rockwell International, General Dynamics, Grumman Aerospace, The Boeing Company, Lockheed-Georgia, and NASA Langley.  The last word in guidance and steering of spacecraft vehicles during the launch phase.  It covers methods of superimposing a side force on the motor thrust, which achieves a moment about he vehicle center of gravity.  Both flexible joint and liquid injection systems are discussed in detail. 204 pages, ISBN 1-878628-27-5.  $29.95.   

Ablative Material Testing for Low-Pressure, Low-Cost Rocket Engines.  G. Paul Richter and Timothy D. Smith, NASA Lewis Research Center.  Evaluates new, high-technology materials that enable the construction of low pressure, low cost rocket engines.  These ablative materials permit fabrication of light-weight rocket engine combustion chambers and nozzles.  Silica cloth-reinforced phenolic resin materials, Fiberite MX-2600, and a number of other new lightweight materials were tested for comparative erosion in a subscale rocket engine combustion chamber.  15 pages, $9.95.

Solid Rocket Motor Nozzles Thiokol Chemical, Rocketdyne Solid Rocket Division, Rockwell, Hercules, United Technologies, and the NASA Lewis Research CenterShows how nozzles are built without overdesign or underdesign, and withmaximum contribution to total vehicle performance.   Takes you through the design process, moving through to a final product of optimal design.  Learn how the gas-contacting surfaces are configured to prdouce the required performance, how thermal liners and insulators are selected and configured to maintain surfaces against erosion and limit structural temperature, and how structural materials are selected and configured. Emphasis is on nozzle design and materials for modern high-temperature (> 5500ºF) aluminized propellants; nozzles for older, low-energy propellants are gien less attention.  Special design considerations for thrust vector control (TVC) are also presented.  141 pages, ISBN 1-878628-NEW.  $24.95. 

Investigation of Ceramic, Graphite, and Chrome-Plated Graphite Nozzles.  George R. Kinney and William G. Lidman; Lewis Flight Propulsion Research Laboratory, National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA), predecessor to NASA.  A hard-to-find report telling about using these effective materials to prevent oxidation and erosion of rocket engine nozzles.  The investigation used a 1000-pound thrust nitric acid / aniline (JATO-type) rocket motor, with combustion gas temperatures of 2000º to 2400ºF.  The ceramic (with a high percentage of sillimanite) was used in a thin-wall nozzle backed with plaster of paris.  The experiments found that a thin chrome plating on the internal surface of graphite nozzles was quite effective.  This book gives a detailed description of the engine, nozzles, propellants, and test equipment used.  18 pages, $9.95. 

Collection of Seven Rocket Propulsion Technical Papers.   Various important documents, all of a related theme, mostly about solid propulsion.  70 pages, $19.95.

JATO Engine Propulsion: Report from Aerojet--The Power of the Future.  Aerojet Engineering Corporation.  A rare and extremely informative, 42-page book entirely devoted to JATO ("jet-assisted take-off") rocket engines.  Originally published in 1947 by the inventors of rocket propulsion for launching airplanes, it covers both the history of rocket powered takeoff engines, their technology, and their (probable) future applications.  Describes in great detail the early history of what would become "the world's largest research, development, and production company."  Beginning with the small five-man team that evolved into the Guggenheim Aeronautical Laboratory at California Institute of Technology (GALCIT), the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), and Aerojet-General Corporation, this valuable document relates one of the most fascinating stories you'll ever read about rocket science, engineering, and technology.  42 pages, $24.95. 

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