"Collection of Seven Rocket Propulsion Technical Papers"


Collection of Seven Rocket Propulsion Technical Papers

Patents, Articles, and Reports from Various Sources

This is a collection of various important documents, all of a related theme.

There are a total of 70 pages, measuring 8.5 x 5.5-inches.  Printed with a high-resolution laser printer (not photocopied) on high-quality, bright-white, acid-free paper for years of reference use. 

These rare documents are from the private collection of a Nevada rocket scientist, now retired.  When they're gone, they're gone!

  • Low-Cost, Methanol-Fueled, Rocket Propulsion Technology:  Describes designing, engineering, and construction for small and medium-sized rocket engines using alcohol fuel.  Many tables, graphs, photos.
  • Gelled Propellants for Tactical Missile Applications:  By TRW Space & Technology rocket scientists, describing work at Redstone Arsenal.  Many photos, graphs, charts, tables, formulae.  Until recently, this was classified "secret!"
  • Microthrusters Employing Catalytically Reacted Gas Mixtures, Tridyne:  A document by Rocketdyne / North American Rockwell scientists and engineers.   Has several engineering drawings, photos, and graphics.  Excellent reference for anyone considering building a very small rocket engine.  Esoteric data and information!
  • Sensitivity of Solid Rocket Motors to Electrostatic Discharge:  Describes "accidents" involving the Pershing and Peacekeeper missiles, with in-depth investigations about rocket handling safety.  From SNPE, France.  Great material that can save your life if you handle live rocket motors or propellants!
  • NACA Technical Note 3316 -- Some Measurements of Noise from Three Solid-Fuel Rocket Engines:  This document was written by NACA (the NASA predecessor) at Langley Aeronautical Laboratory, in 1954.  A thick, technical report, with many charts, and graphs.  A rare report, of great historical interest.
  • Theoretical and Experimental Research on the Throat to Port Area Ratio in a Solid Rocket Motor: By Chinese engineers at the Xi'an Modern Chemistry Research Insitute, Shanghi, with key theoretical data for designing solid rocket engines.
  • U.S. Patent:  Passive Self-Contained Auto Ignition System:  The precise engineering drawings are worth the price of this entire offering!  Shows a self-contained system for auto igntion of hydrogen-oxygen rocket engines.  Very innovative!  Dated 1992, and by two Rocketdyne engineers.

These documents will be of interest to the serious rocket experimenter, pyrotechnician, fireworks hobbyist, and amateur scientist.  They're loaded with technical graphs, charts, tables, formula, compositions, etc etc.  This is high-class, high-quality, hard-to-find information!  70 pages in all (looseleaf, unbound), $14.95

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