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NASA Glossary of Terms and Table of Conversion Factors
Used in Design of Chemical Propulsion Systems
Compiled by Russell B. Keller, Jr., NASA Lewis Research Center

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Glossary of Terms and Table of Conversion Factors
Used In Design of Chemical Propulsion Systems

Compiled by Russell B. Keller, Jr., NASA Lewis Research Center

The official NASA guidebook for chemical propulsion design, with definitions from ablation to zero-g, this valuable reference resource covers all the terms commonly used in rocket, missile, and spacecraft propulsion design.

Has conversion factors for converting U.S. customary units (feet, calories, pounds of thrust, etc) to the International System of Units (SI units; meters, Joules, Newtons, etc) make it easy to accurately translate back and forth.

Also has definitions for the symbols and abbreviations used.

This important text is an outgrowth of the work done by NASA-Lewis Research Center and its associated contractors in producing the set of Design Criteria monographs on Chemical Propulsion. 

An important reference book for every rocket scientist, engineer, technician, and experimenter.  

We've reprinted this important NASA reference book directly from a digital file provided by the Marshall Space Flight Center, which is apparently a third-generation document.  This is the best (clearest, highest resolution) version of this out-of-print book we have yet found.  While easily readable and fully functional, it's not a first-generation publication.

Hard to find and now long out-of-print, this new limited edition has been republished by the Rocket Science Institute.  It's printed directly from a NASA digital document file, with a high-resolution laser printer on high-quality, bright-white, acid-free paper and quality-bound for years of reference use.  101 pages, large and easy-to-read 11" x 8-1/2" size.  $14.95

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