"Computer Program for Complex Chemical Compositions"

Sanford Gordon and Bonnie J. McBride
NASA Lewis Research Center


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Computer Program for Complex Chemical Compositions

Sanford Gordon and Bonnie J. McBride
NASA Lewis Research Center

This book presents the latest of the NASA chemical equilibrium and applications programs, developed over more than 40 years.  This program includes additional features and improved calculation techniques, to take advantage of improved computer capabilities. 

The text presents in detail mathematical analyses and techniques for obtaining chemical equilibrium; formulas for obtaining thermodynamic and transport mixture properties and thermodynamic derivatives; criteria for inclusion of condensed phases; calculations at a triple point; inclusion of ionized species; and various applications, such as constant-pressure or constant-volume combustion, rocket performance based on either a finite- or infinite-chamber-area model, shock wave calculations, and Chapman-Jouguet detonations.

The minimization-of-free-energy approach to chemical equilibrium calculations has been used since 1967.  The book's contents show the scope and depth of material:

This page from Chapter 1 gives an overview of the book contents:

This is a valuable reference resource for the professional (and “amateur”) rocket scientist, engineer, technician, fireworks maker, explosives chemist, and experimenter who wants to use the computer for chemical design and engineering work.

There are four pages of "official" NASA math and chemical symbols, four more pages of technical references, and four pages of very detailed iteration equations.  If your a computer programmer who designs, builds, tests, or flies serious rockets or missiles (or make fireworks, explosives, or propellants), you'll want this superb reference textbook.  It’s especially useful for “amateur” rocket builders -- with an abundance of data, esoteric information.

Very hard to find and now out-of-print, this new limited edition has been republished by the Rocket Science Institute.  It's sharp, and clearly printed with a high-resolution laser printer (not photocopied) on high-quality, bright-white, 24-pound, acid-free paper for years of reference use.  76 pages, large and easy-to-read 11" x 8-1/2" size. 


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