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"NASA Astronaut Fact Book"

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

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NASA Astronaut Fact Book

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

A complete, comprehensive, and detailed summary of United States and international astronauts and cosmonauts, with biographical sketches, including former and deceased astronauts.  Includes information about the Congressional Space Medal of Honor, educational institutions from which U.S. astronauts earned degrees, U.S. service academies from which U.S. astronauts earned degrees, U.S. astronauts' birthplaces by state, astronauts born in other countries, scouting records, current U.S. astronauts in active military service, and the U.S. Space Program human space flight log.

One hundred pages of in-depth data, even telling how many cumulative hours of space flight each astronaut has earned.  Lists college and university degrees, birth dates, home towns, missions flown, and much more.  Covers the names for each astronaut selection group, dating back to the original seven.

The U.S. Human Space Flight Log carries precise mission dates and times, for Project Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, Skylab, and Soyuz, plus every Space Transport System (STS -- "Space Shuttle") flight through STS-107, the Columbia, flown 16 January -- 1 February 2003, the last.

Each section of this big book has details of the events and mission achievements that made history:

This is an incredible book for rocket, missile, and space historians and enthusiasts.  Page after page has fascinating information about hundreds and hundreds of unusual missions.  It's perfect for teachers as well. 

This is a valuable and important reference resource for the professional (and “amateur”) rocket scientist, engineer, technician, historian, and space enthusiast.

Very hard to find and now out-of-print, this new limited edition has been republished by the Rocket Science Institute.  It's sharp, and clearly printed with a high-resolution laser printer (not photocopied) on high-quality, bright-white, 24-pound, acid-free paper for years of reference use.  100 pages, large and easy-to-read 11" x 8-1/2" size, and quality-bound.  $19.95

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