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Jets and Models Guide

Jets and Models Guide
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The best handbook we've seen for Dyna-Jet (DynaJet), Tiger Jet, MEW, and similar pulsejet engines, together with Jetex (Jet-X) rocket engines--all in one book.

44 pages, originally published by Aristo-Craft Distinctive Miniatures (NY, 1967), with more than 30 illustrations, including several technical drawings, full aeromodelling plans and "3-view," performance graphs, and model photos, complete in one volume. 

Information includes: 

  • "All About Jets," which devotes 15 pages to the evolution and development of the V-1, PJ-31, Minijet, Dyna-Jet, Marquardt MA-16, Saunders-Roe pulsejets, SNECMA "Valveless Resojet," M.E.W. 307, Tiger-Jet L-1 and M-1, Ogawa O.S. Type II, Jaggers Juggernaut, Decojet, BMW RT.2000, Brauner, Victoria MD.1, Hagiwara's Eureka jet, SAAB J35, and other jets for aeromodelling. 

  • "Instructions for the Tiger Jet M-1 and M-2 Engines," covering structure, operation, starting equipment, fuel, starting, troubleshooting, and technical specifications.

  • The remaining 34 pages are devoted to Jetex, including 53 drawings, plans, illustrations, tables, and photos.  One section is devoted to the Psst "50" Mark II motor.

  • A final chapter is devoted to ballistic rocket models, with some good information on aerodynamics and trajectories, center of gravity, fin alignment, construction hints, and electrical ignition systems.  Circuit diagrams are provided for building a simple but effective battery-ignition system and firing panel. 
This volume is one of the few anywhere devoted to micro pulsejets, such as the DynaJet.  The text layout is rather bizarre (vertical format on one page, horizontal on another--you need to keep turning your head, or the book), but the information is excellent, accurate, and comprehensive.

New limited edition, digitally restored and republished by the Rocket Science Institute. Printed with a high-resolution laser printer (not photocopied) on high-quality, bright-white, acid-free paper for years of reference use.  This is a nice book to have: don't miss it. $16.95

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