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Your first resource for unusual, hard-to-find, out-of-print, and historic information about rockets, missiles, propulsion, space, pyrotechnics, and explosives safety
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Rocket Science Books was created in 1999 by the Rocket Science Institute, Inc., a non-profit scientific and educational body organized to advance and support popular, non-profit experimental scientific rocketry. The Institute was founded by a small group of rocket experimenters who are "veterans" of White Sands Missile Range operations who shared a private collection of hard-to-find textbooks and out-of-print government technical documents that were of special interest to experimental rocket scientists, engineers, and technicians.

Over the years we have digitally restored more than 100 important handbooks, historical test reports, training manuals, how-to-build books, and other technical documents that are especially useful for the amateur rocket scientist. These are practical text for hand-on learning, and we consider many of them essential for successful propulsion experiments.

These archives include our own original high-resolution page scans, along with the digitally-restored images we have produced from these many rare, out-of-print, and hard-to-find textbooks. 

A word about how we have produced one of the world's largest digital library of essential rocket science and engineering textbooks.  Over fifty-plus-years career experience in the chemical engineering of propellants, pyrotechnics, and explosives, RSI founder Dr Edward Jones had collected some of the most important practical texts and documents on these subjects, and donated his library to create Rocket Science Books.

Over the years, with informed research the Institute was able to purchase or borrow original, first-edition books for digital scanning and restoration.  Our resources included major government and military collections, university libraries, and private enthusiasts.

Each book was manually scanned page by page.  The high-resolution TIF files generated were then individually digitally restored and set-up for printing, one page at a time.  Original graphics were scanned separately and precisely adjusted for best quality rendition.

Original pagination was retained, and full-color book covers are usually a close facsimile of the original.  The book editions we sell are also printed to the same format and page size as the original. 

Our books are printed and bound with precision, with highest quality paper and materials.  Sometimes working with very deteriorated originals, we have restored them to useful editions at modest cost.  Most of our books cost less than $20.

Certain books have long served as classic reference resources for rocket scientists, engineers, and technicians. We also offer many of these most useful volumes. Realizing that many of these books are costly, we also offer used editions and reprints of many important publications. Often these are long out-of-print and quite hard to find. And, in most cases, the older editions contain almost all of the same material, and "do the job" if you're on a budget.

The Rocket Science Institute, Inc. is a non-profit corporation, registered in the State of New Mexico.
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The Rocket Science
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The Rocket Science Institute is a non-profit scientific and educational foundation in support of "amateur" experimental rocket science, engineering, and technology.

Rocket Science Institute, Inc., P.O. Box 1253, Carmel Valley, CA USA 93924; e-mail:

Your first
                        resource for unusual, hard-to-find,
                        out-of-print, and historic books about rockets,
                        missiles, propulsion, and space.

Your first resource for unusual, hard-to-find, out-of-print, and historic Goddard, NASA, JPL, GALCIT, USAF, NACA, military, industrial, educational, and "how-to" books, documents, and patents about aerospace, astronauts, and astronautics; the space shuttle, satellites, spacecraft; rocketry propulsion systems; liquid fuel and solid propellant engines; reaction motors; and missile testing. Plus unique reference books on chemistry, engineering, and safety with rocket fuels, oxidizers, and propellants; igniters, pyrotechnics, pyro devices, fireworks, and explosives; rocket and pulsejet-propelled model airplanes with Dyna-Jet and Jetex.